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 Amalgamated Wireless Australasia (AWA)

The Start of AWA

In 1913 an amalgamation took place between Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd and the Australian Wireless Company. This merger formed Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd. The new company operated until 1988, when it became AWA Limited.

AWA Radiola's

AWA IC8388 Communications Receiver



Radio In Australia

COMMERCIAL wireless in Australia dates back to 1910, when the first ships equipped with wireless arrived in Australasian waters.

Little was known of the then comparatively new science of wireless communication, and any wireless work that had been carried out during the preceding years had been spasmodic, and of an experimental nature only. So little progress had been made that there were no Coastal Radio Stations in Australia for wireless-equipped ships to communicate with.

Between the wireless situation in Australia in 1910, or, one may truthfully remark, the non-wireless situation, and the thriving and ever expanding wireless industry of 1930, employing thousands of Australians, wonders have been worked. In the space of two decades a new science has been developed in Australia and a key industry of vast importance to every Australian has been established. That it has attained such importance and has placed Australia in the forefront of wireless progress is due to the foresight, ability, and conscientious research and development work of Mr. E. T. Fisk, Managing Director of Amalgamated Wireless.

To-day, practically every ship in the Australasian Mercantile Marine is wireless-equipped a chain of eighteen modernly equipped Coastal Radio Stations encircles the Australian coastline, while nine Island Radio Stations are operating in New Guinea and Papua, and four stations in the Fiji Islands. In the Northern Territory, Wireless Stations serve as feeders to the landline telegraph system. Broadcasting stations in each of the capital cities transmit programs throughout Australia, while in Sydney and Melbourne the most modernly- designed short-wave transmitters are capable of transmitting any local broadcasting programs to England and America. The largest and most scientific wireless equipment of every type is now manufactured for use at sea, on land, and in the air.

The A.W.A. Radiophone Service between Australia and Great Britain and the Continent of Europe, inaugurated on April 30th last, is now in successful operation, and dozens of people daily carry on private and business conversations from their homes in Australia with residents in Great Britain and Europe.

The Beam Wireless Service to Great Britain, the Continent of Europe, and North and South America now handles the greater part of Australia's overseas telegraphic communications.

This far reaching progress in the application and development of wireless was entirely due to the pioneering work carried out by Amalgamated Wireless (Asia) Ltd., which was incorporated in 1913, and at once set about the task of providing Australia with modern wireless communication facilities.